About Us

At Kilmain Painting, we have developed a winning strategy to service our many and diverse clients. Our success lies in exceeding expectations in
quality and service, while remaining on budget and on time. Our team is as talented as they are knowledgeable, we will earn your trust just as we have been doing for 15 years.

Founded in 1999, we started as a residential painting service with just a couple of employees. While enjoying the beautiful lifestyle only Jackson Hole can offer, we have been busy building our thriving business. Our team
now consists of seventeen full time employees. Our unparalleled expertise and talent allows us to consult, solve and create all kinds of interesting projects in the region. We treat every project with the same service, skill and quality, whether it’s a 1,500 sq. foot home or a 20,000 sq. foot retreat.

Stop by our showroom today with your ideas, your challenges or your architect. Our procedures shine while working with clients through the whole process. It’s a thrill to drive through our valley and see the many stunning projects that we have worked on while also making new friends. Once you experience working with our team, you will have a partner in quality and
be a customer for life.


“Responsive to customer vision and always exceeds expectations in a timely manner… Follows up to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Clearly the best painter in the Valley.”